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Graphic Issues on Oneiric – Recap

Last night, after a very hectic day, one notch before a new installation on a clean hard disc, I just realized that there’s one option I hadn’t try yet: KDE.

KDE was never my favorite, but logging in there after all I’ve been through, was really refreshing. Great colors, everything works, this is a nice sanctuary to stay in until the war’s over

But this morning, at booting the system, I didn’t even get to the login screen. The system halted at it’s last check before starting X and there it rested, or, as it is referred to in most Google results – ‘The system hangs at battery check’

As it turned out: Up until now – Ubuntu used the gdm display manager. As of now – it was changed to the new lightdm manager, which apparently is not quite baked yet. According to the major part of complaints all over the Internet – it mainly lacks support for Nvidia drivers, even the most recent. Ubuntu’s new window manager – Unity, is based on this display manager. It exists in two main versions: 3d (which comes as a default) and 2d (which is not installed by default but can be added). A fresh installation also makes it available to login on ‘gnome classic’ – compared to the new ‘gnome-3’ – (Not installed by default either, and can be added).

So seems my hardware (a reasonably new Nvidia GeForce 9600) is not supported by lightdm (and any window manager based on it, such as gnome-3 and Unity 2d or 3d), and as classic gnome is also set to work over lightdm – it would not work properly either.

This situation starts to look like a spaghetti dish, and it seems that nowhere I go – there’s a dead end. Trying to sort it out as much as I can, I realize I have now two missions: First – getting to a functional log-in screen. Having that achieved – logging in to a functional desktop – at the moment being only KDE.

So at the moment I’m on phase 1 – being hanged at ‘battery check ok’

  • I you run into any graphic related problem, better start with having both gdm and lightdm installed on your system.
    1. Log into a none-graphic terminal by hitting ctrl-alt-fN (when N is any number between 1-6) and logging in to a prompt line
    2. type
      sudo apt-get update

      (enter superuser password)
    3. Install gdm: At the prompt, type
      sudo apt-get install gdm
    4. Install lightdm: At the prompt type
      sudo apt-get install lightdm
    5. Install lightdm login part manager: At the prompt type
      sudo apt-get install lightdm-gtk-greeter
  • Selecting which display manager should be on is done by typing at the promtp:
    dpkg-configure gdm to set up gdm, or dpkg-configure lightdm At any rate you will get a menu where you can select the proper manager hitting the arrow-up or arrow-down keys. This is a matter of try and error. Try first loghtdm, and then reboot your systme hitting: sudo shutdown -r now At least one of them should work.
  • At boot – please take some time to wait – the ‘battery check screen’ may hang there for awhile. Give it a couple of minutes (time to grab a sandwich or a have a quick channel-zapping round on the tv), before you give up and start anew. At least one way or another should work for you.
  • Having achieved the login screen again – make sure you log in to kde – and you should be good to go.
  • Now all left is to sit and wait until all is quiet at the Gnome/Unity front, and all refuges may return home.