How to be Notified About New Orders in Magento

surprisingly enough (at least for me), you, as a store owner, are not notified by default about new orders on your store.

For really large stores with lots of activity, that may make sense. But if you run a small or medium size business you would probably prefer to be notified, especially if you make deliveries.

As with everything in Magento, it took me quite a while to figure out how that’s done. Nothing on it in the wiki, at least as far as i could see, very little about it with Google.

So here’s how it’s done (courtesy of Nik Chankov of Blog for web development):

  • Login to the admin area
  • System => Configuration => Sales => Sales Emails
  • In the Send Order Email Copy To field – fill in your/the admin’s email address
  • With the Send Order Email Copy Method drop down – select Separate Email.
  • That should do. Simple when you know how.
  • If you still don’t get anything – go check your spam filter. It’s always better to set an un-monitored email address for such purposes, as most mail servers will treat auto-mail messages as spam and quaranteen it.