Yet Another Simple Gallery Plugin for WordPress

I have been looking for a really simple gallery plugin that can use WordPress’ native Gallery features and jquery support, but couldn’t find any. My qualifications were simple: a row of thumbnails, a main photo, and a way to switch to another photo by clicking on its thumbnail. I didn’t want the featured image to be modal, like in a lightbox mode, but located in the same page as the thumbnails. Only thing resembling what I was looking for, was really hard to adapt, even in terms of css. I know there are millions of gallery plug-ins out there, so my search was probably not good enough, however – I ended up writing it from scratch.

It was registered today with WordPress.

This plugin is really simple. All you need to do is download and activate it. Then go ahead and create a new post with gallery for your photos. What happens next is that the photos are arranged in your new post like small thumbnails and a main image. Clicking on a thumbnail will switch the main image to the one related to the clicked thumbnail. Off-course, if you are as control freak as I am, and you definitely need to make a change – you can create a yasg.css file, save it under your theme folder, and change any css rule you feel like. These rules are to override the gallery’s default css rules. I can hardly imagine you’ll ever need more control than that.

The plugin was tested on WordPress 3.2.1

Please comment on this post, if any problem, bug, question or ideas for improvements.

Download the plugin now.

Hello, love this plugin – i was in the same situation couldnt find a clean simple gallery until i came across yours. The only issue im having with mine (and unfortunately i cant link it as its not live yet as the domain is being used by an old website) is that im trying to put multiple galleries on the one page to show off various product lines, however it seems all galleries on the one page are getting merged and each gallery i insert shows all photo’s within galleries on the page. Is there a way of fixing this so there are various galleries with various images in each on the one page?


Thank you for creating! Please help us fix. Someone installed for me but don’t know why:

1. the second place holder doesn’t have a picture
2. The arrows are there
3. All of the pictures are not on the carousel (uploaded 12)

Thanks again for creating! Great concept. And for any help you can give.
p.s. I can email the css code if it helps.

I fixed problem #1. It was a document. Still working to fix the arrows & understand why other all of the pics I attached aren’t showing on the carousel.

I installed the plug in but for some reason I only get the pictures on my page. It doesn’t have the thumbnails on the bottom and the larger on top. What am I doing wrong. Please help!!!

Hi Beverly, I am not sure why is that, but taking a wild guess, it may be due to conflicts with other scripts in your page. I would suggest you try and see what happens when you set your theme to the default wordpress theme, and turn off all your plugins. If at this stage the gallery works, then try to set your theme again, check if anything changed, and if not, start re-activating your plugins one by one, checking everytime, that everything is still working.
Good Luck!

Lovely plugin. I’ve been looking for something like this! One suggestion for an improvement would be to have a way to display individual photo descriptions from the Alt tag. Then it would be super perfect!

i would like to know what this builtin option with the count of “columns” may mean and should be usefull for?

cause in comparism with this example above (and my own testing) where there is given just one row & only one column i would await more the possibility to change the thumbnail listing into some “rows” instead …?!

Ottherwise the try of change of the number of wanted columns didn’t change anything … but why?

Yes, I was referring to the code for the superfish nav, down the page. But strangely enough, now it works for me (with the test page I have created), even when the code is on… :-). I will investigate it further, and will let you know.

one thought: in the gallery window settings the thumbnail options are link thumbnail to “image file” or “attachment page”. It sounds like this is overwriting what the plugin should do: changing the image displayed. Also I noticed that the little colored rectangle associated with the thumbnail get stuck on the first one even when you hover on the other ones…?

I downloaded and activated the plugin (twice) and have the following issue: the main image doesn’t change when clicking on a thumbnail. Instead the web page changes to the image link page. The first thumbnail image is displayed as main image.
Any idea how to fix?
I’m using the Theme Jam template.

Hi Patrick,
Looks like there are some javascript-conflicts within your page, so the plugin will not work, falling back to displaying the image in a new URL.
Do you have any other activated plugins?
I would suggest that you disactivate all other plugins and see if it’s fixed.
If it is fixed, please try to re-activate all your plugins, one-by-one, and see if and when it stops working again.
If it is not fixed even when all plugins are disactivated, would you please send me a link to your site, and I will try to figure it out.

Hi Patrick, thanks again! the link you have provided is inaccessible for me, but i got to the site url. Did you set the photos in the page as a “Gallery”, or only inserted them as regular photos?

At a first glance this indeed looks like a js conflict.
Is it possible for you (maybe on a proofing server) to switch to the Twentyten theme, and see if it works there?

It seems that the problem lies with the script added near the closing body tag. If you remove this piece of code, only for checking – then the Gallery should operate fine.

Great plug-in! I’m finding though that it’s always “missing” one image. Let’s say I upload seven images to a gallery, only six thumbnails show up when I view the page. Is there a quick fix to this problem?

I use this wordpress plugin in my websit “”
It’s good enough with Firefox and Chrome but It’s not work correctly with IE.
How can I solve this problem

Hi Reza,
Thanks for your comment!
Could you please add more details? What exactly do you get on Explorer, and on which version?
Maybe you also want to check out the plugin’s last version.

Excuse me because of delay
The IE version which report to me is IE8
The problem is :
The photos are not appeared as Icon’s in the footer of component.

Hi Reza,
Thanks again for your comment.
The plug is not tested on IE8, but I will see if there’s a way to fix this.

Thanks for y our comment! At the moment older versions of ie are not supported by this plugin. I will try to take care of this as soon as i find the time.

Hi there, thanks for tyhe plugin…I was looking simple and that works just like that, thanks.

But It’s conflicting with the top menu…messing up the style….any ideas on this?