Why my Products Won’t Show on my Magento Store??

So the first time that happened, after my initial panic, I ran to Google for help and was lucky enough to stumble upon this checklist.

Couple of tests had me find the leak (My product was not set as ‘in stock’), and I was good to breath and go on.

However today – it just happened again. This time I was dealing with a configurable product. I have created it, set it’s appropriate set of attributes, saved it, and came back in order to associate its simple products. Refreshing the front end – the product won’t show up.

I remained calm and went for this checklist again, but no jackpot for me there this time. I went again for help from Google, and came across this article, but still no solution in there either. I decided to keep it anyway, I know it may come in handy in the future.

It took me quite too long, but eventually I figured it out: moving to the associated products tab of my configurable product – I suddenly realized that it had none associated products. The products existed, I remembered having created them, and I could see them separately. So what happened? The answer is simple – after creating them at the configurable product’s window – I have forgotten to hit the save button once more – therefore – the simple products were created, but their association with my configurable product was not saved. They didn’t show on my front-end, being set as invisible for search and catalog, and my configurable product didn’t show – being associated-prodcuts-less!! As simple as that.

Important: If you don’t see any products in the list – hit ‘clear filter’ – and they will all show up again for you to choose from.