How to Create a Product With 3 Sizes in Magento

The Mission: Create a product that has 3 sizes. Each size has a different price. Each size comes also with a free (different) giveaway product

  1. Catalog => Attribute => Manage Attributes => Create a new attribute: Size. [Enter all required information]. Select ‘yes’ for Use To Create Configurable Product – note that this drop-down will only appear if the Scope is Global and the Input Type is Dropdown!
  2. If you haven’t already – now is the right time to create at least one attribute set for your store.
  3. Add the new attribute to your attribute-set.
  4. Create a new product – select the appropriate attribute set, and on product type select Configurable.
  5. You will next be taken to a list of all configurable attributes available for this product. There, you have at least one item for your size attribute. Check the checkbox for this attribute. Next you will be requested to fill in the product name and all relevant details. In the price field, enter the price for your smallest size. Click Save and continue editing
  6. Having saved your product for the first time, in the associated products tab, you now have the possiblity to create a simple product and associate it to your configurable product. Fill in all the details, enter the price difference from the main product, and select weather this difference is in percentage or fixed. For instance: your main product price is $10. Your medium size product costs $15. So you can either select ‘fix’ and enter $5, or select ‘percentage’ and enter 50%. Save your new product and repeat this for each size.
  7. Important! Remeber to hit save on your configurable product editing window to save the new modification for your configurable product – i.e. adding to it the associated products. Otherwise you will end up wondering, again why on earth my new product won’t show on my store. it might save you a lot of headaches.

Setting up a free givaway for each product.

Still trying to work this out – will let you know as soon as possible!