Why Would Products Suddenly Disappear from my Homepage in Magento?

Paul Simon listed 50 ways to leave your lover. I am about to list at least 50 ways for Magento to give you a heart attack. The most recent one resulted in an urgent text message from my client: He added a new category – and – magic! Next thing he knows: the home page is empty.

I have already written about troubleshooting products not displayed in Magento’s front. However this case is a bit different: while there – the products where never displayed on the site – neither on new products page nor on category’s page, here – right at creation, they were displayed as expected. However, for some mysterious reason, they suddenly disapeared!

So I run again for help from Mr.Google. Go through the check list again. Here’s something I haven’t tried yet: re-indexing.

System => Manage Indices. All items are green as in ‘updated’. I decide to give them a shake anyway: I hit select all, then selected Reindex Data on the actions menu, then hit Submit. Tada! More magic! The products are back!

Here’s also a detailed explanation of what may cause this behavior and how to ‘ghostbust’ it

How to be Notified About New Orders in Magento

surprisingly enough (at least for me), you, as a store owner, are not notified by default about new orders on your store.

For really large stores with lots of activity, that may make sense. But if you run a small or medium size business you would probably prefer to be notified, especially if you make deliveries.

As with everything in Magento, it took me quite a while to figure out how that’s done. Nothing on it in the wiki, at least as far as i could see, very little about it with Google.

So here’s how it’s done (courtesy of Nik Chankov of Blog for web development):

  • Login to the admin area
  • System => Configuration => Sales => Sales Emails
  • In the Send Order Email Copy To field – fill in your/the admin’s email address
  • With the Send Order Email Copy Method drop down – select Separate Email.
  • That should do. Simple when you know how.
  • If you still don’t get anything – go check your spam filter. It’s always better to set an un-monitored email address for such purposes, as most mail servers will treat auto-mail messages as spam and quaranteen it.

Yet Another Simple Gallery Plugin for WordPress

I have been looking for a really simple gallery plugin that can use WordPress’ native Gallery features and jquery support, but couldn’t find any. My qualifications were simple: a row of thumbnails, a main photo, and a way to switch to another photo by clicking on its thumbnail. I didn’t want the featured image to be modal, like in a lightbox mode, but located in the same page as the thumbnails. Only thing resembling what I was looking for, was really hard to adapt, even in terms of css. I know there are millions of gallery plug-ins out there, so my search was probably not good enough, however – I ended up writing it from scratch.

It was registered today with WordPress.

This plugin is really simple. All you need to do is download and activate it. Then go ahead and create a new post with gallery for your photos. What happens next is that the photos are arranged in your new post like small thumbnails and a main image. Clicking on a thumbnail will switch the main image to the one related to the clicked thumbnail. Off-course, if you are as control freak as I am, and you definitely need to make a change – you can create a yasg.css file, save it under your theme folder, and change any css rule you feel like. These rules are to override the gallery’s default css rules. I can hardly imagine you’ll ever need more control than that.

The plugin was tested on WordPress 3.2.1

Please comment on this post, if any problem, bug, question or ideas for improvements.

Download the plugin now.